Instagram photo backup service

The easy way to backup your Instagram photos and videos. With ultimately high resolution and captions provided

Why is it important to back up your Instagram accountt

Your account may be hacked

Thousands of hackers all over the world try brute force attacks to crack your Instagram password and gain access to your account. Next they may blackmail you or use your account for spamming.

Your account may be banned on Instagram

Some of your posts may be reported by other users or Instagram may consider your messages as spam and ban your account. In that case, you wouldn't be able to retain your images or do anything else with them. The regular backup may help with saving your Instagram photos and videos.

You may need to transfer the data to other social media

The need to store your Instagram photos in other social media arises from time to time, so what should be done at that rate? For example, you may want to share your images in Facebook or transfer them from Instagram to Google Photos. Our service is aimed to assist you with that , so you can download your account and upload photos to other media.

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